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Episode III - Saltmarsh Drummin' (Air Date 10/11/15)

Red Drum at the Racks was the third installment for my first season. I was out to create a mini-season and air the shows in hope of positive feadback from the public.

I was working a well known area north of Charleston, SC that is called the Racks. They are a man made creek type reef consisting of pipe, old crab traps, reinforcing rods, pvc pipes and other object. The are is on a creek bend with some depth close by and with moving water and the bait that is present, the preditors are not far away.

We put a handful of drum in the boat and we were off to the outdoor kitchen.

I start off the meal with a Bahamas Island drink, called a Goombay Smash. We then begin the Red Rice, then the Low Country Trpical Salw and then finish the dish off with a Sesame Crusted Blackened Red Drum. Then the skies opened up and the storm rolled in. Welcome to Summertime in Charleston.

This is your one stop for fishing tips and cooking tips. This is where we catch fish and then cook our catch..

Season one highlight reel

A highlight of Season One. We have a combination of SD & HD video. I started Gourmet Fishing in 2007 and finished the last show this year.

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Don't for get the grill

One of the best things you can do on the boat is to grill out. Grab youself one of the many stainless steel grills form the boat store and you're off to have a hot meal while fishing...